Online Fall Session

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 6th, 2021

SESSION STARTS: September 20th, 2021


Royce Wesley

Animator, Pixar Animation Studios

Length of Workshop: 12 weeks. Once a week.
Days: Thursdays starting September 23rd, 2021
Time: 7pm – 10pm pacific time
Tuition: $1.900 (Includes a $200 non-refundable registration fee)
Prerequisite: Reel Review


Animation Collaborative’s brand new Polish for Animation Workshop is designed to help get an already established shot up to professional feature film standards, be it body mechanics or acting.

Polish is the final 10% of your shot, and it’s what takes your shot from good to GREAT! Polish can be difficult to master because it is all about the small details – but these details are what make a difference!

Michal Makarewicz will go through his extensive Polish for Feature Animation lecture in-depth, covering his checklist for polishing a shot. Additional lectures may be given based on student requests or needs.

Students at the Intermediate or Advanced level are encouraged to participate in our new Polish Workshop – both body mechanics and acting shots are great opportunities to learn Polish!



Portfolio review is required for Polish for Animation. Students should have completed Intermediate Animation (or an equivalent course) or above. Shots should be “complete,” in that they have a beginning, middle, and an end. This workshop is not for in-progress shots or rough blocking. Student work should illustrate an understanding of clear ideas and thought process