Online Fall Session


SESSION STARTS: September 20th 2021

Modeling: Introduction Character Modeling

Eryn Katz

Sr. Character Modeler, Blue Sky Studios

Length of Workshop: 12 weeks. Once a week.
Days: Fridays starting January 22nd, 2021
7pm- 10pm pacific time 
Tuition: $1,900 (Includes a $200 non-refundable registration fee)
Prerequisite: none


Introduction to Character Modeling:

This course will guide the student through the process of translating a design into a sculpted model, then adapting that model to a production version that is able to be rigged and animated.

The goal of Introduction to Character Modeling To create a character model that is both appealing and production friendly for rigging and animation.


  • Character creation workflows (Maya only/Zbrush & Maya)

  • Establishing basic structure, proportion and basic topology of the character mesh

  • Using anatomic reference in sculpting

  • Artistic finesse in areas such as hands/feet/eyes/teeth and hair

  • Posing model to match art and refining appeal

  • Neutralizing and symmetrizing the model

  • Topology design and edge loop construction basics

  • Adding correct detail to body topology

  • Refining face topology for production (lids, lashes, brows, mouth and teeth)

  • Creating clothing and accessories to be rigged with the character

  • How to incorporate feedback and notes

  • Finalizing model in preparation for rigging, testing squash & stretch face expressions


-General familiarity with Maya interface and basic modeling tools, as well as the outliner and ability to use image planes.
-Familiarity with / access to Zbrush is a plus, but not required.