Michal Makarewicz. 
 Two Time Annie Award Winner
 VES Award Nominee
 20 year Pixar Vet
 Co-Founder AnimC 

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 Grow your talent and raise the bar at your studio.

 2 Day Animation Masterclass


 $250, which includes a non- refundable registration fee.


Michal has been training studios and their employees for over 10 years.  Focused on bringing up skill sets or creating a common approach to the work; In-Person Studio training is highly customizable. 

From covering a host of topics or digging in deep on a particular subject, the opportunities are available to create a specific lesson plan for your employees needs.


IN-Person studio training typically runs from 1 to 2 full days, but can be adjusted to make it work for your studio and crew.


The cost for In-Person studio training has many variables.  Please inquire at staff@animc.com for more information


This varies based on each studios needs but can be formulated to cover as many or as few topics as you wish.  As we discuss your studio needs we can craft the appropriate lesson plan for the sessions.


In-Depth Lectures Include:

  • Acting, Performance and Theory
  • Variety of Animation Workflows
  • The Graph Editor / Masterspline
  • Working with Dialogue
  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Polish
  • Timing
  • Specificity

Live Demonstrations in MAYA:

  • Performance Acting Shot
  • Complex Physical Shot
  • Bouncing Ball
  • Q&A
About Me

Michal is currently the Head of Animation at Spire Animation Studios.  Previously he worked at Pixar Animation Studios, for the past 20 years.  Michal has worked in many roles within the studio, from Fix Animator to Animator, Directing Animator, Supervisor, and Director. These experiences have provided Michal with a variety of perspectives on the work itself.  

Michal received two Annie Awards from ASIFA for “Best Animation in a Feature Production” (Soul, Ratatouille) and a VES Nomination for his animation on Helen in Incredibles 2.  He received a Feature Animation nomination for the 2020 Reuben Award for his work on Soul, and was also honored to have a scholarship awarded in his name, for the Vancouver Film School (VFS). 

Michal also runs and co-founded The Animation Collaborative (AnimC), which provides high-end education in the animation field, focusing on Animation, Character Design, and Story.

“This Masterclass exceeded my expectations in every way. The content involved material I could not have found in any book. It fcontained real and applicable solutions to problems that we, as animators face regularly.”

– Carolina Cuesada

“The lectures and demos were extremely insightful and Mike boiled down complex topics into clear actionable lessons… his layered approach to animation sets the foundation for a more efficient workflow and faster editing.  Take this workshop if you want to push your skills to the next level.” 

– Johnathan Sundy

“Thank you again for such an intense yet mind-blowing class!  I can already tell in my workflow the change in speed and connectivity.  I can’t stress enough how amazing this class was and I hope you continue to do it!  I know I will be singing your praises to all the animators I know.”

– Joree Dolin

Michal's Filmography