Quality animation rigs have been hard to find in the education community.  We thought it was time animators had access to a library of professionally engineered, quality tools.  Because you shouldn’t have to spend time compensating for bad tools, while you’re trying to animate.  ProRigs provides a catalogue of professionally designed characters, with endless creative combinations.

Why prorigs?

Feature Quality rigs

We had one mission: to create feature quality rigs for EVERYONE. Because rigs shouldn't stand in your way. So we made them appealing, light, and ready to render.


And counting! From people to robots to animals, we have a WIDE variety of top notch rigs. And we're not done. Not even close. Stay tuned for more!


One low monthly rate & you can cancel at any time! It's as flexible as you need it to be.


We don't just want to hear from you, we need to! We are here to listen to any issues you are experiencing so we can make your experience better. It's really important to us that you enjoy these rigs as much as we do.


See what we did there? But it's true! These rigs have been designed and built from scratch so we could make them fast, appealing, and easy to use. This has required years of testing , and you know what, it was worth it.

Render Ready

Are rigs are Arnold Compatible and set up to render. We wanted to make things easy for you - and that includes rendering. All models are UV'd & shaded. We also include a lighting scene so you don't have to worry about that either. We've got you covered!

ProRigs + AnimC

When you use ProRigs you get a discount on your animation workshops at AnimC!