Studying at AnimC was definitely one of the most valuable career choices I made.
Michal's teachings go way beyond animation rules, he rewires your brain altogether without you even realizing it. The shots I did in class surely opened industry doors. And the non-shot based programs like the Epic Intensive gave me amazing tools and motivation to push myself at work.
Pro Tip: Pay attention to how Michal speaks! Learning and understanding a few of his word choices and ways of giving feedback will make you friends in the industry 🙂 Makes sense? I went all the way from Argentina to San Francisco to study at AnimC. Now that it is online, what are you waiting for?!
Matias Marek
AnimC Student
"I have been always amazed by the student work I have seen from the Animation Collaborative. Recently I took several classes and I am so glad that I took them, which has changed my workflow completely. I have been animating for several years, and usually, I used to struggle going from a different process, since I took Layer for Animation, It gave me a new way of looking at the same thing, now I am really fast, I can bring more creative result at the short time. I am ready to take more amazing classes from Anim Collaborative any time, and I will highly recommend it to anyone who is a beginner or has been working in the industry."
Bijay Chudal
AnimC Student
I am so happy that I got to take The Animation Collaborative's Intro to Character Design class with Danny Arriaga! I’d recommend the course to anyone looking to understand a strong workflow for creating unique and appealing characters all the way from research to pitch-worthy rendering. It was easily the most valuable art course I’ve ever taken as I got to interact directly with an active artist in the animation industry for several months. Danny went above and beyond to make the class meaningful and fun for every single student. Everything from technical tips on drawing and file preparation to sharing his experience of the animation industry and what it takes to succeed. I’ve yet to encounter another online art course that offered the same level of quality instruction paired with a small class size. I can’t wait to take my next AnimC course!
Patrick Finney
I enrolled in AnimC back in 2013 for Michal Makarewicz's Demo and Lecture Intensive Lecture series; and it was this class that convinced me to change my career to animation. Michael's body of work, teaching style, and passion for his craft really inspired me on Day 1 and convinced me to take animation seriously and pursue a passion as my career of choice. I subsequently took classes with Michael Chen, Jim Brown, and Michal again (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Animation). I have to give a shout out to Michael Chen who really grounded me and helped me critically focus on mastering the basics since the beginning. Without these strong foundational skills I wouldn't have been able to pursue the opportunities I've had. I have so much praise and love for the Animation Collaborative. It was the place that convinced me to finally take a leap of faith and pursue my career as an animator, while giving me the tools and inspiration to do so successfully. Thanks for all you do for the animation community!"
Christopher Hsing
Senior Animator at Riot Games
I took the class "Advanced Acting for Animator" in Summer 2019 at AnimC. It was a good time. I really enjoyed the small class, Mike's teaching style, and the sofas in the classroom! I was very lucky to attend AnimC in person. I remember I ask AnimC why we have sofas in the classroom. They say because they want to create a cozy environment for us to learn freely. I really love the answer. What a wonderful summer! Mike is an amazing animator. His teaching style is casual, very knowledgeable, easy to understand, and fun! And, he gave honest and helpful feedback! He pointed out what didn't work, suggested what might work really well, and sparked our imagination to make the shot even better. It had fewer classes in the Summer but I felt I learned as much as possible. Not only learning a huge deal of knowledge from Mike but also learning from my classmates. I started to get in touch with people from the industry and grow my LinkedIn connections since then. For me, I really appreciated AnimC. They gave me not only solid professional training but also a good starting point in my career.
Tina Huang
AnimC Student