Winter Session ONLINE 2021

Week of: January 18th - April 5th, 2021

Pictures of instruction at the Animation Collaborative

Our Current Courses

The Animation Collaborative offers a variety of 12 week workshops, providing you with professional instruction, small class size and regular feedback on your work, to help you make the most progress.   

Our workshops focus on growing your skillset through provided assignments,  instructor demonstrations & lectures, and review of your work throughout the course.  On-the-job techniques and workflows are demonstrated, that will make a difference in your ability to work fast, smart and creatively.  The goal being to significantly improve your skillset and the quality of the work in your portfolio.  

We only hire talented artists, who currently work in the animation industry.  All of our instructors have the years of experience and the teaching skills needed, to give you the feedback and insight to improve the quality of your work. 

In addition to workshops, the Animation Collaborative also offers “Masterclasses” and “Epic Intensives” which provide more condensed, in-depth study on a variety of subjects.  Masterclasses and Epic Intensives focus on instructor demonstrations and lecture content, and do not include regular review of student work.

Select any of the courses from the menu to learn more.  We look forward to seeing you!