Online Fall Session

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 6th, 2021

SESSION STARTS: September 20th, 2021


David Torres

Animator, Pixar Animation Studios

Length of Workshop: 12 weeks. Once a week.
Days: Wednesdays starting September 22nd, 2021
Time: 7pm – 10pm pacific time
Tuition: $1.900 (Includes a $200 non-refundable registration fee)
Prerequisite: A link to your demo reel is required with your registration.


Advanced Body Mechanics picks up where Introduction to Body Mechanics leaves off.  This class will guide students in continuing to build on their physicality and body mechanics skills; while alongside being introduced to the extremely important concept of pantomime acting.  No longer just about “How” to move something, we really start diving into thought process and the  “why” of movement. This class holds a strong emphasis on character motivated exercises.

The goal of Advanced Body Mechanics is to learn how to convey a story, through process and emotions using clear and mechanically correct body language.


  • Week One
    Introduction and Demo Reel Review and Critique
    We will cover expectations for the class and what I am hoping they learn
    Lecture on Blocking Methods for Animating.
    Assignment for Week 2: Character Walk.  This assignment will differ from other standard walks as the emphasis is to exude character and personality.

  • Week Two
    In depth critique of the Week One Assignment using SyncSketch.
    Assignment for Week 3:  Stop to Start.  This assignment will demonstrate a character transitioning from a static state to a mobile state.  We will talk briefly about weight transfer and momentum.

  • Week Three
    In depth critique of the Week Two Assignment using SyncSketch.
    Assignment for Week 4 :  Start to Stop.  Different from the previous assignment, the Start to Stop involves focusing on specific timing to successfully slow a character to a stop and the overlapping principles to show proper weight distribution.

  • Week Four
    Lecture on Start to Stop.
    In depth critique of the Week Three Assignment.
    Assignment for Week 5 and 6:  Push and Pull.  Starting to incorporate more personality into the performance.  Push and pull will emphasize contrasting timing and spacing.

  • Week Five and Six
    In depth review of the Push and Pull Assignment.
    Assignment for 7 and 8:  Weight Lift.  The weight lift assignment will incorporate lessons from previous assignments but the mechanics with this assignment are more complex. The assignment will involve demonstrating what happens to the body as there is a weight countering the body.

  • Week Seven and Eight
    In depth review of the Weight Lift Assignment
    Assignment for 9 and 10: Stumble and Fall.  This assignment incorporates textured timing learned in previous assignments but adds an additional element of a character not in control of their movement.

  • Week Nine and Ten
    In depth review of the Stumble and Fall.
    Last Assignment for 11 and 12: Dance.  This assignment involves a character dancing, but the challenge is to have the character doing something else while dancing.  The emphasis is not the dancing but the other occupying action. 
  • Week Eleven and Twelve
    In depth review of the previous assignment.


We recommend that students take Introduction to Body Mechanics before taking Advanced Body Mechanics.

A link to your demo reel is required with your registration.

 *Advanced Body Mechanics is limited to 8 students to allow for maximum individualized focus. We encourage a comfortable, collaborative environment so that students can learn from their own assignments, the critiques of others’, instructor demos, lectures, and guest speakers.